tyler brûlë

Born in Canada, Tyler Brûlë moved to the UK in 1989 where he trained as a journalist with the BBC television programe “Reportage”. Later moving to print, he wrote for The Guardian, Stern, The Sunday Times and Vanity Fair.

Brûlë went on to launch Wallpaper* in 1996, a title which became an instant publishing success. Wallpaper* was purchased by Time Warner in 1997 and is now sold in over 50 countries. The magazine has won numerous awards for its design, international relevance and use of typography and has become part of the cultural vocabulary. The Wallpaper* Group later expanded its portfolio to include a bi-annual fashion magazine called Spruce, and a website with wallpaper.com.

In May 2002 Brûlë sold his stake in Wallpaper* to focus on developing Wink Media, the “intelligence-based” creative agency he founded in 1998. In November 2002 he bought back Wink Media from Time Inc., and the agency was relaunched and renamed Winkreative.

Guided by an editorial spirit, Winkreative’s past and present clients include Swiss International Air Lines, Bally, Gianfranco Ferre, Pottery Barn, Corner Bank, Tretorn, Prada, Stella McCartney, RJ Reynolds, Moncler, Villa Moda, Pringle, the Somerset House Trust and Adidas.